South Manchester Book Group

We're a friendly and open reading group, and we share a love of books and discussing them with other people. We meet every fortnight, but you don't have to come to them all. It's dead simple; choose a book you like the sound of, read it (or even part of it) beforehand and turn up with a few ideas and money for beer / wine / flirtinis. It's very informal, and we're quite a friendly bunch.

We normally meet at the Fletcher Moss on William Street in Didsbury around 8 pm. We can usually be found on the table with the books and flirtinis. Whilst the contagion lasts and we remain indoors we'll meet online, reading virtual books and drinking virtual flirtinis — vlirtinis if you will.

We've become rather popular recently so unfortunately aren't accepting new members just at the moment. But please drop us a line on the Contact Us form and we'll add you to our mailing list.

Our reading list, past, present, and future, appears here and a short version of what we’re reading next is here.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Vernon God Little - DBC Pierre

Vernon God Little - DBC Pierre


Anonymous said...

Really interested in joining your group - can you tell me how the meetings work, is it just informal chat?

gmorgs said...

Hi Helen,

Feel free to come along; we'll be in the Woodstock this Thursday. The book talk is done in a very informal manner but we do try to be quite thorough in our discussions.


1 i z said...


Helen - by this Gareth means that we endeavour to achieve a little bit more than "errr well I quite liked/disliked it".

Only a little bit more mind ;-)

Unknown said...


Is there room for another?



Gannon said...

What's up next?