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We're a friendly and open reading group, and we share a love of books and discussing them with other people. We meet every fortnight, but you don't have to come to them all. It's dead simple; choose a book you like the sound of, read it (or even part of it) beforehand and turn up with a few ideas and money for beer / wine / flirtinis. It's very informal, and we're quite a friendly bunch.

We normally meet at the Fletcher Moss on William Street in Didsbury around 8 pm. We can usually be found on the table with the books and flirtinis. Whilst the contagion lasts and we remain indoors we'll meet online, reading virtual books and drinking virtual flirtinis — vlirtinis if you will.

We've become rather popular recently so unfortunately aren't accepting new members just at the moment. But please drop us a line on the Contact Us form and we'll add you to our mailing list.

Our reading list, past, present, and future, appears here and a short version of what we’re reading next is here.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Dark Eden - Chris Beckett

The next meeting will take place at the Woodstock in Didsbury. The book chosen for discussion is Dark Eden - Chris Beckett


Anonymous said...

I've now gone the past 2 of these, and absolutely no one turned up.

I searched the whole of the Woodstock and could not find anyone participating in this group.

If this is a real, active book group, I'm not aware of it.

Anonymous said...

The date you wrote this comment, being Thursday 10th July, was not a date when the Book Group met. It appears that you may have gone to the Woodstock a week early? There were several members there on the 3rd July, as there will be on this Thursday 17th July, for Dark Eden.

H Newton said...

I can assure you the group exists and is very active. You can recognize it by the number of books on the table.

Judging by the date of your post, you appear to be going on the wrong date. There was no meeting on 10 July - the date of your comment. The date of the next book group is 17 July. This is the date for the next book, Dark Eden, and appears clearly on this page above.

1 i z said...

To be fair on the 3rd we were outside in the beer garden, which is a bit unusual (as unusual as having the weather to suit this!). There were a number of books prominently on the table though.

Hope you try again and have better luck finding us.

O. B. Viously. said...

Tonight's bookgroup at the Woodstock will be tonight. At the Woodstock. Tonight.

South Manchester Book Group said...

Well there are 6 of us here now, in the Woodstock, as we have been for several years ! We searched the entire Woodstock and couldn't find any one who had turned up on the wrong date.

If there is a troll on this forum, we are definitely aware of it.